POS SolutionsNo single POS Solution fits all business types. For this reason Inspyre Design has partnered with a few of the top pos solutions in the nation. We have over 10 years of experience with point-of-sale systems. Some of which we still deploy, support and help maintain for clients.

POS solutions are more than just software or the hardware. It’s the complete system. Which is why we have partnered with the software providers, the hardware vendors and merchant services.

Merchant Services

Through our experience over the years we have seen how much of a pain a bad merchant service relationship can be for a business. For this reason we have chosen only the best merchant service providers for our clients. We have built a solid partner relationship in order to ensure you will never have the issues of the past again.

Vantiv Integrated PaymentsVantiv – Let us together with Vantiv help grow your business with data-driven credit card processor solutions. Which will help you conduct more commerce and get more payments. Improve your business with insights and options not found elsewhere. Secure and assure your business, and your customers, with advanced fraud and protection services designed by big problem solvers.

POS Services

Vend POS ResellerVend – POS Solution is the number 1 All-in-One POS for 2017 & 2018. Vend is a cloud based POS software, inventory management, ecommerce an customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Through our partnership the mission is to help retailers build successful and sustainable businesses. As well as offer a unique shopping experience. No matter how complex your operations are. We are able to integrate Vend POS with an eCommerce solution fully custom designed for your business. Vend POS supports both multi-shop and Pop-Up Shops due to the ability to connect anywhere you have an internet connection.

TouchBistro Authorized DealerTouchBistro – POS Solution is the number 1 Restaurant POS for 2017 & 2018. Leader in iPad-Based POS Solutions for restaurants of any size. Built for restaurants and only restaurants. This means their software developments, company, 3rd party integrators, and everything else is 100% focused on restaurant success. Their software is intuitive, modern and easy to use. By leveraging the behavior, characteristics, and user-experience that iOS offers. They took everything that made Apple a success and put it into a POS Solution for restaurants. TouchBistro is the most stable tablet-based POS solution on the market due to being a “hybrid” with respect to the Cloud. Their system is not based in the Cloud, and therefore does not require Internet to run, it simply uses it when it needs to.

Shopify Partner
Shopify POS – Shopify POS is an all-in-one solution, combining and connecting eCommerce and retail shopping to offer an integrated experience. While in-store, merchants can start a draft order for customers while they browse. This draft shopping cart order can be emailed to customers once they leave the store, so they can complete their transaction when and where they want. The Shopify Point-of-sale system consists of the Shopify POS app, available from the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, POS hardware, and the Shopify eCommerce platform. The Shopify solution is best if your primary focus is online sales and just additionally want to have the option to sell in store. For a more advanced streamlined POS solution, Shopify eCommerce integrates directly with Vend POS.

POS Hardware

Socket MobileSocket Mobile – If barcodes are crucial to your business, don’t settle for slow, tedious scanning with a phone camera. Socket Mobile offers a wide range of Apple® compatible 2D and 1D cordless barcode readers perfect for either basic data entry or advanced data collection with customized features.The Socket Mobile Barcode Scanners support two types of Bluetooth® wireless connections to suit different scanning requirements.